Bonus Jackpots advance goes live at Castle Bingo-branded venues

In the United Kingdom, gaming technology and software solutions firm, Network Resource Management (NRM) Limited, has announced that it has completed the roll-out of its Bonus Jackpots system across the eleven bingo halls operated by Castle Leisure Limited.

Long-term relationship:

According to an official Tuesday press release published by European Gaming Media and Events, the innovator detailed that it has been providing solutions to its fellow British firm for over 15 years before declaring that the most recent launch had underlined its place ‘as one of bingo’s most creative and customer-focused technology companies.’

Pilot proves successful:

Headquartered in the small East Riding of Yorkshire town of Hessle, NRM Limited stated that it had initiated the ‘brand-oriented development process’ for Bonus Jackpots in partnership with Castle Leisure Limited over the summer before conducting a pilot. It explained that the success of this trial had subsequently convinced both parties to proceed with a full introduction, which was completed in the autumn.

Progressive jackpots:

Pete Fagg, Business Development Manager for NRM Limited, described his firm’s Bonus Jackpots innovation as ‘a dynamic, operator-branded [and] high visual impact product’ that provides mainstream bingo operators with the ability to organize and run progressive jackpot competitions. He proclaimed that the system is completely configurable and flexible and also allows partners to develop linked estate-wide as well as single venue prize funds.

Fagg’s statement read…

“Castle [Leisure Limited] chose to offer the jackpot on four pages of the second half with other bingo brands opting to offer three prizes on a single page or a single top-level prize across all eight pages of the main session. It’s not a case of one size fits all with NRM [Limited] handing the control to the club itself.”

‘Impressed’ by results:

For its part, Cardiff-based Castle Leisure Limited is responsible for the Castle Bingo-branded venues that are spread across south Wales and in the communities of Liverpool, Corby and Birmingham. The firm’s Operations Executive, Jodie Davis, asserted that it had ‘been a pleasure’ to work with NRM Limited in order to launch the Bonus Jackpots advance and that she had been pleased with the process and the outcome.

Davis’ statement read…

“It’s important for Castle Bingo to keep developing the bingo experience for our customers and the delivery of the Bonus Jackpots system has certainly helped us deliver on this philosophy. From the initial trial sites through to the full estate roll-out, I have been impressed with the delivery from NRM Limited as well as the performance of the Bonus Jackpots system itself.”

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