BETER Launches Ping Pong Point Live Stream to Offer 700 Betting Events Each Month

BETER, the reputable provider of cutting-edge wagering products and data, has included the Ping Pong Point tournament to its constantly growing network of live stream events to offer additional opportunities for bettors and sports fans.

Increased Interest in Ping Pong Games:

Ping pong is slightly different to table tennis as the players need to win two out of three sets to win the game. Also, each set has 21 points while the table tennis has 11 points and more stringent rules that may cause frequent interruptions. As a highly dynamic game, Ping Pong is currently gaining an increasing interest around the world. BETER seems fully aware of the trend and invites bettors to visually join the two current ping pong tournaments and try to benefit from around 700 matches each month.

The leading sports betting data provider launches the Ping Pong Point feature in partnership with the Ukrainian Ping Pong Federation. Under the partnership, BETER will provide the operator partners and their customers with the respective live streaming service, as well as data and odds for the games included in the tournaments featuring more than 20 matches a day and a large number of skilled and experienced ping pong players. With the latest offering, bettors can indulge in a continuous and dynamic game experience to search for win opportunities and have lots of fun in the process.

Dynamic Game Expansion:

At the same time, the Ping Pong Point product positions BETER as the leading provider of live table tennis tournaments currently covering the Indian, Colombian, Serbian market through partnerships with national federations, with other markets to be added soon.

The company commented: “BETER Sports is committed to becoming the number one provider of live streaming, data and odds for fast-paced sports events. Ping pong is a hugely popular sport with fans and bettors around the world and that’s why we have added it to our portfolio. Ping Pong Point allows our operator partners to offer even more betting action to their bettors across fast-paced sports that deliver plenty of thrills and spills. This has only been possible due to our unrivalled experience in the sport of table tennis, with partnerships in place with some of the biggest federations in the world.”

The Ukrainian Ping Pong Federation stated: “We are delighted to witness the growing global interest in ping pong as a competitive sport. This year, our athletes have made significant strides in their professional development, showcasing a new level of play. As a result, we have successfully qualified for the Classic Hardbat World Championship. With the support of a dependable partner like BETER, we are confident that we can represent our country at the championship in a high-quality manner and further boost the engagement of sports fans for this game.” 

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